Founded in 1987, the Chicago Committee on Minorities in Large Law Firms is an organization of 45 law firms committed to working together to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal profession. Through professional development workshops, business development programs, leadership skills training, networking events and educational programs, our member firms tirelessly fight to advance our mission. The Chicago Committee recognizes that civility, respect and professionalism are essential parts of creating an inclusive profession. Moreover, listening to, and learning from our colleagues in the legal community builds trust and understanding.

This past year, the Chicago Committee presented CLE programs on the progress and challenges facing Asian American and Pacific Islander attorneys, Black attorneys and Latinx attorneys, with insightful commentary provided by law firm attorneys, in-house counsel, judges and government attorneys.

The Chicago Committee also collaborated with in-house counsel from numerous corporations for a series of workshops to examine how law firm attorneys and in-house attorneys can work together to promote the advancement of diverse attorneys in both environments. Our small group discussions helped shed light on obstacles faced by diverse partners and senior in-house attorneys and provided a safe environment for candid discussions exploring ways to address such obstacles.

In addition, the Chicago Committee has reinvigorated its acclaimed Mentorship Academy program, connecting attorneys at different levels from different member law firms for meaningful mentorship and guided relationship-building exercises. By encouraging dialogue and mentorship across member law firms, the Chicago Committee seeks to promote collaboration and to build trust amongst our member firm community.