During the pandemic, it seemed the world shut down, and life only existed via Zoom. However, the NSBA thrived, and remains extremely active in our legal community.

To illustrate, our virtual installation was a terrific event, and our membership has more than tripled. Additionally, our legal referral service was immensely responsive, and our CLEs were informative, relevant and well-attended.

Thank you to NSBA members Robert Blinick, Joel Bruckman, Judge Joel Chupack, Judge Lauren Edidin, Judge Renee Goldfarb, Khalid Hassan, Corinne Heggie, Justice Michael Hyman, Kilby MacFadden, Jeffrey Moskowitz, Daniel Pikarski, Rick Pullano, Justice Jesse G. Reyes, Judge Jeanne Reynolds, and Judge Jeffrey Warnick for their engaging CLE presentations.

The NSBA also co-sponsored a well-received Hate Crimes Panel, with the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Village of Lincolnwood, and the Decalogue Foundation.

Our presentation of excellent CLEs will continue, including an upcoming “Improv for Lawyers,” in collaboration with the CBA, as well as a CLE featuring Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Michael M. Cabonargi.

Our tremendously successful 2021 High School Mock Trial Invitational was the largest in our organization’s history. While most competitions canceled, the NSBA expanded our invitational.

Board member Kimberly Pressling’s dedication, along with more than 100 attorneys and judges from all over Cook County, allowed us to accommodate over 500 students and almost caused us to “break” Zoom. Thanks to NSBA members Judge Shelley Sutker-Dermer and Andreana Turano, the Diversity Scholarship Foundation, and Niles West High School for their sponsorship of such a fantastic event.

Our Gary Wild event was also an enjoyable occasion. Gary Wild was a past NSBA president, known for his pro bono advocacy. This popular event, established by retired Judge Allen Goldberg, allows us to acknowledge organizations that exemplify Gary’s character. This year, we honored the James B. Moran Center and the Legal Aid Society.

Further, we established the NSBA Foundation. The Foundation will fund scholarships, and contribute resources to the Veterans’ Call in Skokie, a call overseen by NSBA member Judge Michael Hood.

Our Judges’ Night is June 23. We are thrilled to honor four highly regarded jurists and NSBA members: Justice Mary Ellen Coghlan, Judge Lauren Edidin, Judge Moshe Jacobius and Judge Jeffrey Warnick.

Congratulations and thanks to the incredible membership of the NSBA for its important contributions made to the legal community this year. We look forward to seeing everyone at future events!