Greetings from the Southwest Bar Association! We are pleased to share in the celebration of Law Day 2021.

How appropriate that the theme is “Advancing the Rule of Law Now?” What better time to remember each of our beginnings in the law and all that we have overcome to be present in this moment?

I just recently concluded presenting on civility in the profession in our organization’s annual spring CLE seminar. I continue to be impressed by the work that my colleagues have done to improve the image of our profession.

And yet there is still much progress to be made: To help others achieve more and achieve better, and to improve the outlook for future generations of attorneys and the individuals and communities they serve.

In my term as president, we have continued our mission as a philanthropic organization, working to increase involvement in our community. We have grown as an organization with our members, both long-serving and newly minted, covering a wide breadth of legal practice areas.

My theme for my term was Improving Civility in the Profession. Each day, I work toward that goal, and I hope to impart the importance of that message on others. One exchange at a time.