Morgan Stogsdill
Beermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove
Family law

Morgan Stogsdill has litigated dozens of family law cases and settled hundreds more. In doing so, this young attorney with Chicago’s Beerman Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove LLP has earned the reputation as a tireless advocate for her clients.

She understands the nuances of family law and has the ability to guide her clients to the best possible resolutions.

Stogsdill has what attorneys and judges refer to as that special “personal touch”, a way to help her clients navigate through the complex divorce process with as little stress as possible. It’s impossible, of course, to eliminate all of this stress, but Stogsdill is able to explain to her clients the strengths and weaknesses of their cases so they may make informed decisions.

“This is reflected in the legal judgment Morgan exercises in deciding to proceed to hearing or to settle her clients’ disputes,” said Mark Lopez, judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County. “The exercise of her keen judgment is a characteristic exhibited in Morgan that is essential for a successful family law practitioner.”

Lopez pointed to a case in which Stogsdill represented a client whose former husband had a history of being untruthful in the courtroom. In this case, which involved a dispute over the former couple’s parenting schedule, Stogsdill called in the ex-husband’s Father. The father proceeded to contradict his own son’s testimony. After the former husband acknowledged his prior misrepresentation to the court, Stogsdill requested and received a finding direct criminal contempt against him for being less than truthful to the Judge.

This resulted in the immediate incarceration of the former husband. As Lopez says, after Stogsdill’s advocacy that day, her client has never had a problem with her former husband and the parenting schedule again.

Mark Wirtz, with the Wirtz Law Firm in Wheaton, said that this result isn’t unusual for Stogsdill.

“She is extremely skilled and knowledgeable when addressing intricate financial issues,” Wirtz said. “With respect to her ability to understand and successfully resolve difficult financial matters, she is in the top tier of all attorneys. At the same time, she is very adept at handling some of the more emotionally charged issues that accompany family law. That combination of knowledge and skill is rare in this area of practice.”

“Stogsdill has a very clear grasp of the emotional and psychological issues regarding children,” said Regina Scannicchio, a judge with the Circuit Court of Cook County Domestic Relations Division. “She further has a great financial background, which assists in all aspects of divorce proceedings.”


When not in the courtroom, Stogsdill is active in civic and community organizations. She is a frequent lecturer on family law issues, and is a board member of the Lawyer’s Lend a Hand To Youth Program, a program that matches children with mentors in disadvantaged communities to help them succeed scholastically and emotionally. For the past nine years, she has been a “Big Sister” to a student, and started working with the mentee when she was in Fifth (5th) grade. The mentee has now successfully completed her first year of college.

Stogsdill is active in the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois and is a member of the Chicago Inn of Court. Prior to holding these positions, Stogsdill served on the auxiliary board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Illinois Eye Bank.

A passion for her work and making a difference in people’s lives is reflected in Stogsdill’s results and drives each and every action toward the best possible client outcome.