Melodie Gliniewicz, the wife of a disgraced Illinois police officer who staged his suicide, walks out the Lake County Courthouse in Waukegan with her lawyers after a February 2016 hearing. A state appeals panel held this month that the trial judge should have allowed prosecutors to submit what they contend is newly discovered evidence not protected by spousal privilege. Mark Welsh/Daily Herald via AP

Panel remands Fox Lake officer case over texting with his wife

Lake County prosecutors will get another chance to prove why text messages between Fox Lake police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz and his widow should be admitted at her criminal trial, an appeals panel held.

More than 1,200 new Illinois attorneys take the oath

A total of 1,283 individuals were sworn in as new lawyers on Thursday, across all the ceremonies in Chicago, Elgin, Joliet, Springfield and Carbondale.

In Chambers

Judge recognizes importance of reading through tutoring program

About once a month, Lake County Associate Judge Luis A. Berrones travels a mile down the road from the Waukegan courthouse to an elementary school to tutor students during his lunch hour.

Veto session: What Dems may try to override

SPRINGFIELD — With Tuesday’s election in the rear-view mirror, lawmakers will return to Springfield this Tuesday for the annual veto session — a chance for the General Assembly to take action on bills Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed this year.

Failure to disclose EEOC charge doesn’t spoil suit

A man’s failure to identify a discrimination charge he filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as an asset in his bankruptcy case does not prevent him from pursuing that charge, a federal judge ruled.

Top court to livestream biometric case arguments

Illinois’ top court will do something it rarely does during its upcoming term in Springfield: Broadcast arguments as they happen.

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Trial Notebook


Malpractice suit derailed by state law

Brian Reynolds had what the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals described as a “plausible” theory for his malpractice claim against the law firm he hired to provide legal services to several limited liability companies he managed and co-owned — “his personal interests were so closely bound with the interests of the LLCs as to be functionally indistinguishable” — but Reynolds’ lawsuit against Henderson & Lyman, or H&L, was “foreclosed by decades of Illinois law.” Reynolds v. Henderson & Lyman, 2018 U.S. App. Lexis 25850 (Sept. 12, 2018).

Cotter’s Corner


Conflicts come to fore with 1 on team Trump

We recently learned that Solicitor General Noel Francisco was granted an ethics waiver on April 24, which had not been previously disclosed.

Prosecution and Procedure


No way around traffic stop procedures

A prosecutor’s appeal from a trial court’s order suppressing evidence derived from a traffic stop often involve three issues.

Opening Statement


Janet Ulrich Brooks wows as Maria Callas in ‘Master Class’

In the past year, I have seen the remarkable Chicago actress Janet Ulrich Brooks in two distinctive TimeLine Theatre productions, each performance as different from the other as night and day.

Non-Billable Hours


New book on Frederick Douglass looks promising

Billed by its publisher as the “definitive, dramatic biography of the most important African-American of the 19th century,” the book is one that everyone should read to understand the life of a truly great American.

Lex Sportiva


New NBA plan could be path away from backdoor deals

The battle between maintaining a college athlete’s amateur status and paying them for profits the university makes off their labor has continued to surge as colleges consistently see increased profits from their athletic departments, while the athletes remain unpaid.

Opening Statement


‘Shayna Maidel’ a story of an immigrant family’s unbreakable bond

"Never forget" was the clarion call to Jewish people and decent people everywhere as a reminder to always remember the horrors and atrocities committed during the Holocaust.

Social Scene


BatesCarey’s inaugual ‘Tea Talk’

Female attorneys at BatesCarey LLP hosted their inaugural Tea Talk: Women Empowering Women event Nov. 1 at Swift & Sons, focusing on trends in insurance coverage. BatesCarey special counsel Elise D. Allen, one of the event hosts, moderated a discussion on success in the workplace. She’s pictured on the left, joined by fellow hosts Kristi S. Nolley (center) and Agelo L. Reppas, both BatesCarey partners. Photo provided by BatesCarey LLP

LAP Annual Dinner

The Lawyers’ Assistance Program held its annual dinner last Thursday at the Union League Club of Chicago. About 300 attorneys and judges gathered to support LAP’s efforts to promote well-being in the profession. Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton was the night’s keynote speaker. He’s pictured in the center alongside 1st District Appellate Justice Jesse G. Reyes and LAP Executive Director Robin Belleau at the event. Photo provided by Lawyers’ Assistance Program/Ralph Greenslade

LCA Benefit Luncheon

Lawyers for the Creative Arts held its 2018 benefit luncheon Thurday at the Palmer House Hilton. Among honorees this year were Robert A. Clifford of Clifford Law Offices and his wife, Joan, who received the Distinguished Service Award for their support of the arts in Chicago. They’re pictured (center) at the luncheon with LCA board member Kevin J. Conway of Cooney & Conway (left) and LCA Executive Director Jan Feldman. Photo provided by Clifford Law Offices

Honored for veterans’ pro bono work

The Veterans’ Consortium Pro Bono Program gave one of its 2018 TVC Chairman’s Awards to Leo P. Dombrowski, a partner at Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman LLP, during a reception last month in Washington, D.C. Dombrowski has worked with the group to take on — and win — 10 appellate cases for veterans in need. Pictured at the reception (from left) are TVC Executive Director Ed Glabus, TVC Chairwoman Mary Ann Gilleece, Dombrowski, U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth and author Lee Woodruff. Photo provided by Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman LLP

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