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Conversation, connection may be antidotes for incivility in law

Conversation, connection may be antidotes for incivility in law

Shielded behind computer screens, some people behave in ways that are downright rude — or worse. As the practice of law moved online with the COVID-19 pandemic, those familiar hazards to civility arose in the legal profession as well.
The incivility monster: Why being bad feels good

The incivility monster: Why being bad feels good

Practicing attorneys are acutely aware of the potential consequences of incivility. And yet, incivility persists. Could it be that attorneys are hard-wired to lose their cool? Does it pay to be belligerent? And how do the pandemic and other stressors contribute?
Zealous advocacy and beyond: Leaders share views on civility

Zealous advocacy and beyond: Leaders share views on civility

Terry A. Fox of the Illinois Defense Counsel, Patrick A. Salvi II of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association and Stephanie Villinski of the Illinois Commission on Professionalism contemplated our questions on what’s going right — and wrong — with how attorneys act.
Collaborative conversations require a mindful approach

Collaborative conversations require a mindful approach

Contributors Dan Cotter and Pat Eckler reflected on how they behave as media partners — and why civility is the necessary foundation of the conversations about the law they want to convene.

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Elsa Andrianifahanana

Pushing forward, together

Since its inception in 1987, the Black Women Lawyers’ Association of Greater Chicago, Inc. (BWLA) has worked to foster civility, community and compassion within the legal profession. We do this through various mentoring, scholarship and community outreach initiatives. Although our efforts are generally focused in Chicago, every five years, it has been our tradition to host a national summit inviting judges, attorneys and law students from across the country for an opportunity to engage, encourage and empower one another and the next generation of lawyers. The theme of the 2023 National Summit March 30-April 1 was “Together, We Soar,” emphasizing that our potential is limitless when we work to uplift one another.
Camille M. Davidson

Civility is necessary to protect rule of law

Law Day is a national day to celebrate the rule of law. For lawyers to protect the rule of law, they must demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, which includes civility and integrity. At Southern Illinois University School of Law, we are committed to transforming our students into the lawyers and community leaders of tomorrow, empowered with the knowledge and skills to improve their communities. A lawyer’s professional reputation begins in law school — it is never too early to practice exemplary professionalism.
Rory Weiler

Our special duty to the judiciary

The rule of law is foundational to our constitutional democracy, and an independent judiciary is essential to ensure that the rule of law is respected and endures. I submit to you that, as lawyers, we owe a special duty to the public and the legal system in which we serve to see to it that our judiciary remains independent and our judges remain safe. As lawyers, we need to use our skills as advocates and influencers to explain why the importance of an independent judiciary isn’t lessened or diminished on any situational basis.
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