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New York court dismisses privacy law claim

Tamara Wilson’s class action against Triller Inc. alleged that the video-sharing company violated the Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988 — a Reagan-era law aimed at “video tape service providers” — by disclosing users’ “personally identifiable information” to Facebook and AppsFlyer, a marketing analytics company.

Racial Justice

Ramon Ocasio-5-19-22,ph01

Zoot Suit Riots flared from racial antagonism in 1940s Los Angeles

On May 30, 1943, the first of a series of what became known as the Zoot Suit Riots erupted between white sailors and Mexican youth in Los Angeles. While the attacks on Zoot Suiters focused mostly on Pachucos — Mexican-Americans who wore zoot suits or similar attire — no Mexican was immune from attack, zoot suit or not. Even boys as young as 12 and 13 years old were beaten up.

IP News Challenge


Mouthwash maker tackles a parody

Welcome to today’s Intellectual Property Challenge, where we pose a question and you guess the answer.

For the Defense

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Duty, breach, foreseeability and the difficulty in defining tort law in Illinois

A bold title indeed, and a topic more suited for a law review article or even a book, but a central and evolving issue in Illinois tort law that was discussed in oral argument this past week before the Illinois Supreme Court in Quiroz v. Chicago Transit Authority, No. 127603.

Insurance Matters

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Employment and statutory exclusions found inapplicable to BIPA class action

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois recently held that liability policy exclusions for employment practices and certain statutory violations are not effective to exclude coverage for a claim that the insured violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act in the insured’s handling of fingerprints taken from employees for timekeeping purposes.

Cotter's Corner

Daniel Cotter-5-9-22,ph01

This is not acceptable conduct: Protest if you want, but leave justices in peace

You may strongly disagree with the draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Take steps to try to save Roe. But do not take to the justices’ homes. We must stop this downward spiral of reckless, dangerous conduct masked as upset. It is after all a republic, if we can keep it. We cannot have folks threatening folks on the Supreme Court, their families and homes. We can and must do better, period.

Opening Statement


Jeff Daniels, Richard Thomas star in Nederlander Theatre’s ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

Aaron Sorkin’s play “To Kill a Mockingbird” was adapted from Harper Lee’s novel depicting the inhuman and prejudicial way Blacks were treated in the South during the 1930s.

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‘Last Hermanos’ delves into brotherly love, sibling rivalry

There’s an old joke about two brothers lined up before a firing squad, about to be executed as prisoners of war.

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Joffrey Ballet, Lyric Opera bring 2 American classics to life

Premier dance company Joffrey Ballet signed a contract in 2017 to be the resident ballet company with the most distinguished Lyric Opera of Chicago and is at last in its inaugural season.

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‘Intimate Apparel’ sheds light on outskirts of society

Skokie’s Northlight Theatre recently announced that it will be showing “Intimate Apparel” through May 15. Relax. This is not a titillating fashion show hosted by lingerie and beauty retailer Victoria’s Secret.

Sports Marketing Playbook

Masters Rose-4-26-22,ph01

College basketball, women’s soccer seek to level playing field for female athletes

Significant recent developments across women’s sports signal that female athletes may finally be starting to get their due.

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‘1883,’ ‘TO BE’ celebrate historical eras with gusto

If you fancy a good Western film like I do, you’ll certainly enjoy Paramount’s TV series “1883,” a 10-episode drama about a group of German and Eastern European immigrants making their way from Texas to Oregon in a wagon train — embarking on a dangerous journey through the untamed American frontier in 1883.
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