Trial Notebook


Bankruptcy statute used to get better of plaintiff

Aire Serv LCC used an adversary complaint in Joseph and Dorothy Roberts’ Chapter 13 bankruptcy case as the procedural vehicle for seeking an injunction against Joseph for allegedly violating a restrictive covenant in a franchise agreement, but Joseph countered by arguing — based on the broad definition of “claim” in Section 101(5)(B) of the Bankruptcy Code — that Aire Serv was limited to filing a proof of claim against his bankruptcy estate.

Federal Courts


Umpire and appraiser have last word on claim

Today’s case is from the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and addresses two insurance questions under Indiana law: Whether an umpire’s appraisal decision is binding for a property loss and whether a denial of coverage that triggers the appraisal process can amount to bad faith.

Legal History


December 10

See if you know what happened on this day in Legal History with Karen Conti.

Cotter’s Corner


Trump campaign to load courts doesn’t stop at appellate level

Last column, we took a look at the number of federal circuit court judges President Donald Trump has seated. In this column, we look briefly at the pace that Trump has confirmed U.S. District Court judges.

Law and Public Issues


Illinois Con Con began 50 years ago

On Dec. 8, 1969, the sixth Illinois Constitutional Convention opened in Springfield. Almost a century had passed since Dec. 13, 1869, when the fourth Illinois Constitutional Convention opened. One issue dominated both conventions: How to write a basic charter for a state that often seemed split into two competing parts.

Legal History


December 9

See if you know what happened on this day in Legal History with Karen Conti.

Sports Marketing Playbook


World Series moment helps Bud Light cash in on social media

Bud Light may have just ushered in a bold, new era of viral marketing.

Opening Statement


Play from local writer stands out during season of holiday events

You may have noticed an interesting phenomenon lately in the book business, especially in the publication of illustrated books for children.

Non-Billable Hours


‘Marriage Story’ sets director Baumbach atop divorce genre

A beautiful and kind woman who improves everything she touches, “Marriage Story’s” Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) appears to be the perfect wife and mother.

Lex Sportiva


Pittsburgh’s ‘jock tax’ is on thin ice

A “jock tax” is a state or local income tax levied against a visiting professional athlete who has derived income from that jurisdiction.

Opening Statement


Don’t wait to see ‘Godot,’ but do wait to be confused by it

Samuel Beckett’s intriguing play “Waiting for Godot,” currently at the Victory Gardens Theater in Lincoln Park through Dec. 15, has invited all manner of social, political and religious interpretations. Even the late playwright himself confessed to be uncertain of its meaning.

Sports Torts


Move to protect student-athletes like Alabama QB Tagovailoa

Two weeks ago, Tua Tagovailoa, the accurate, athletic and accomplished quarterback from Alabama, seemed destined to be one of the top picks in the 2020 NFL draft. His career earning capacity was projected in the nine figures.
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