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Indiana Supreme Court holds silence wasn’t consent to new arbitration clause

The reasoning differed, but Wisconsin and Indiana credit unions got the same answer Oct. 24 when they asked courts to enforce arbitration provisions they added to preexisting account agreements. The answer was no.

Be That Lawyer

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3 steps to help you on the way to making equity partnership

For many attorneys the concept of making equity partner at their firm is quite appealing. It’s what you may have been working for all along. Gaining ownership, inclusion and a seat at the table can feel special and provide more security than what you might feel as an associate or income partner.

Cotter’s Corner

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Guns and felons: Top court may clarify 2nd Amendment rulings

This term, the Supreme Court is taking up a number of Second Amendment and gun-related cases. Recently, it heard arguments in Rahimi. Last week, it granted certiorari in another case, and one remains for consideration in conference.

Policyholder Perspective

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Prejudgment interest mandatory for written contracts, court finds

A recent ruling by the 2nd District Appellate Court recognizes the mandatory nature of prejudgment interest in written contract actions.

For the Defense

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Follow Hawaii’s lead to avoid problems with ethics proposal

A couple of years ago a judge described one of the columns in this space as “bellyaching” about a rule change the judge had been involved in drafting. In response, it was pointed out that an alternative solution to the problem was offered in the column, not just a complaint about the rule being criticized.

Insurance Matters

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Appeals court weighs equitable versus contractual subrogation

The 1st District Appellate Court recently held that an insurer was entitled to subrogate to the rights of an insured despite the fact a different insured received the insurer’s payment for loss.

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‘The Lion in Winter’ is not a typical Christmas tale

The scene takes place on Christmas Eve in 1183. But forget any visions of sugar plums or thoughts of peace on earth and goodwill towards men in this production of James Goldman’s “The Lion in Winter,” playing through Dec. 3 at the University of Chicago’s Court Theatre, 5535 S. Ellis Ave.

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Steppenwolf’s ‘POTUS’ is bawdy look at sex, politics

One of my favorite one-liners: “Behind every great man is a constantly amazed woman.” That statement somewhat applies to a show playing through Dec. 10 at the Steppenwolf Theatre.

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From The Magic Parlour to Taylor Swift, Chicago entertains

Hallelujah! After four months of home confinement, with full-time care after suffering a brain injury from a fall this past summer, I’m returning to one of my favorite activities — reviewing theater and the entertainment scene for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. It’s a beat I have covered for more than 30 years.

Sports Marketing Playbook

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Generative AI promises more innovation and legal headaches

Artificial intelligence applications have become part of the sports toolbox. But AI is quickly moving beyond learning to recognize data and patterns and on to using those data and patterns to create new content.

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‘No Man’s Land’ gives nod to existentialism

“To attempt a faithful description of this play is a daunting task.” Thus began the first sentence of the program guide notes for Steppenwolf Theatre’s current production of Harold Pinter’s “No Man’s Land.” Directed by Les Waters, the show is playing through Aug. 20 on Steppenwolf’s downstairs main stage.

Sports Marketing Playbook

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PGA Tour’s deal with LIV Golf prompts federal investigations

A little over a year ago, the launch of the new Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf International Series roiled the world of men’s professional golf. LIV Golf offered players millions in prize money and, after some of the biggest names in golf joined the LIV Golf Invitational tournament series, the PGA Tour suspended those players indefinitely. Naturally, legal action followed.
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