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Justices find no reason to grant motion

Asking the Illinois Supreme Court for a writ of prohibition to block sentencing after he was convicted of a questionable crime — “unlawfully acting as a timber buying agent for multiple licensed timber buyers” — Kenin Edwards persuaded three justices he faces up to a year in jail for a nonexistent misdemeanor.

Lawyers' Forum

Fair workweek law lurking in city council

Fair workweek laws are one of the many hot button issues in employment law and such laws are growing in popularity.

Through Glazed Eyes


Bryce Harper: Phillies’ solution or baseball’s long-running problem?

Staff ace Aaron Nola was headed to salary arbitration weeks ago until he reached a four-year, $45 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. “I don’t play specifically for the money,” he actually said after signing his contract, “I play for the love of the game. I play for my teammates.”

Letter to the Editor

Letter: Denied mandamus shows justice is two-tiered

Patrick F. Cassidy is an attorney from Berwyn. He writes in response to the Daily Law Bulletin’s coverage last week of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Raoul v. Gaughan mandamus petition.

Expert Opinions


High court settles use of vehicle damage photos to prove injury

The Illinois Supreme Court recently resolved a conflict between appellate districts regarding the admission of vehicle damage photographs in a personal-injury context.

Professionalism on Point


Being heard on the topic of civility

Should lawyers and judges take a stand against incivility in their communities and workplaces? Can they stem the tide?

Lex Sportiva


As players pretend to be GMs, NBA needs to control situation

In the NBA, the concept of “super teams,” where star players join forces to stack the deck in their favor, is not a new phenomenon. However, the NBA does seem to be increasing its investigations into potential tampering by team officials, including tampering of players under contract.



Despite new state law, child support can be tricky for pro athlete

Family law cases involving professional athletes or other high-income earners require a strategic game plan, especially when it comes to the determination of child support.

Sports Marketing Playbook


MLB’s biometric ticketing move runs headlong into court ruling

Biometric identification of fans entering sports venues isn’t the future, it’s now a reality.

Opening Statement


‘Little Shop of Horrors’ back on stage

Just when you thought it was safe to walk into a flower shop again, “Little Shop of Horrors,” with music by Alan Menken and book and lyrics by Howard Ashman, has returned — this time to the stage of the Mercury Theater, 3745 N. Southport Ave., in Lakeview, and running until April 28.

Non-Billable Hours


A low-stakes ‘Captain Marvel’ backstory now to save the universe later

Captain Marvel” has one job. That job is to explain the origin story of its titular shero well enough to justify her role in saving the universe when “Avengers: Endgame” opens on April 26.

Opening Statement


‘Choir of Man’ rocks, but ‘Bronx Tale’ not as meaty as ‘Todd’

Did you hear the one about the theater critic who walked into a bar? Sounds like the setup to a punchline — but in fact that’s what critics and audiences are doing this month at Chicago Shakespeare on Navy Pier.
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