Trial Notebook


Murky ‘OK’ gives birth to contract

One of R&H Muffler’s employees was reportedly injured at work a month after the company’s insurance producer allegedly told R&H he succeeded in obtaining workers’ compensation coverage for the firm from Travelers Insurance Co. based on an email exchange with a Travelers underwriter. But Travelers insisted that the policy proposal generated when Friedenberg logged into a Traveler’s computer portal was never accepted.

Professionalism on Point


CLE fills gaps left by today’s quick-reference technology

It almost seems anachronous to have a training requirement rather than just-in-time, as-needed reference materials. Why can’t lawyers just search for “how to navigate bias in the legal field” when they need it?

Lawyers' Forum


One circuit takes new path over effort for clarity in bias rulings

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently issued an en banc opinion seeking to clarify its employment discrimination jurisprudence regarding “comparator” evidence and, in so doing, highlighted the judiciary’s ongoing disagreement regarding the concept.

Mediation Circus


Ideal fact patterns for bed sore litigation

In my last column, I reviewed basics of bed sore cases. Today, I’ve asked plaintiff’s lawyer Margaret Battersby Black and defense lawyer Laura Lally to give their thoughts.

Legal History


May 22

See if you know what happened on this day in Legal History with Karen Conti.

Insurance Matters


Unambiguous policy defeats last-antecedent grammar rule

The 2nd District Appellate Court recently rejected application of the last-antecedent rule of grammatical construction in finding an umbrella liability policy unambiguous.

Lex Sportiva


Avenatti caught in a web created by his doing

Despite significant evidence of wrongdoing by Nike, Michael Avenatti’s information dump has inflicted more legal consequences upon him than Nike or college basketball’s reputation.

Sports Marketing Playbook


Use of athletes’ health data looms large for players, leagues

The collection of data from professional athletes has sparked ongoing discussion about the ownership and use of that data, including the rights of athletes to monetize their own information and how to protect their privacy.

Sports Torts


Exploding shoe enough to make risk-adverse crowd cringe

Zion Williamson, the freshman phenom from Duke, exploded onto the college basketball scene this season. While he will not be competing in next weekend’s Final Four due to his team’s loss to Michigan State, he has captured the country’s attention this March while carrying his team to the Elite Eight in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Opening Statement


Tony nominees show evolution of musical theater over decades

This week the nominations for the Tony Award for Best Original Musical were announced. The winner of the 73rd annual award will be named on June 9.

Non-Billable Hours


Jordan Peele may leave you puzzled in powerful ‘Us’

Writer-director Jordan Peele’s chilling “Us” continues to haunt long after the theater lights go up.

Opening Statement


Goodman’s ‘Sweat’ tells of small-town economic troubles

On Nov. 8, 2016, what some considered to be a seemingly impossible event took place.
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