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Judge rejects remand request over removed collection proceedings

Third-party respondents in state court supplementary proceedings usually can’t use diversity jurisdiction to yank a judgment creditor’s “citation to discover assets” into federal court. But Travelers Commercial Insurance Co. invoked an exception to this general rule when Maria and Jose Jimenez tried to force it to pay a $600,000 Cook County judgment against Stephen Kiefer.

IP News Challenge


Banana, tape and what makes art original enough to claim copyright

Question: Can a banana with duct tape infringe on the copyright of a banana and an orange with duct tape?

For the Defense


The ABA is at it again, advocating to silence lawyers with conduct rule

The American Bar Association is once again turning its guns on its own in its effort to justify its continued promulgation of Model Rule of Professional Conduct Rule 8.4(g) and in support of Pennsylvania’s version of that rule. This time the forum is an amicus brief filed in the Third Circuit in support of the appellants in Greenberg v. Lehocky, No. 22-1733.

Insurance Matters


Insured not liable for declining to settle within its self-insured retention

Applying Illinois law, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that an umbrella insurer had no cause of action against an insured for failure to settle within the insured’s retained limit. North American Elite Insurance Co. v. Menard, Inc., No. 21-1813, 2022 U.S. App. Lexis 21592 (7th Cir. Aug. 4).

Cotter’s Corner


Chief Justice Roberts asks public not to judge, but how can we not?

Imagine going to your favorite bakery and the sign in the window asks you not to judge the place based on the quality of its donuts. Or maybe you’re visiting a great restaurant, but they never get the temperature of your steak right. Should the place be judged on that aspect? Not if you’re Chief Justice John Roberts.

For the Defense

Patrick Eckler-9-14-22,ph01

Another group of insurance coverage cases, and more are on the way

Following the discussion of a group of insurance coverage decisions in this space on Aug. 24, yet more have been issued, the exposition of which is helpful to civil litigators.

Opening Statement


Two legendary Broadway shows shimmer in Chicago

As many readers of my column are aware, I am a great fan of the classic musicals from the Golden Age of Broadway.

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‘The Garbologists’ celebrates differences, diversity

When I think about plays with two major characters, I generally think about Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot,” Sam Shepard’s “True West” and Edward Albee’s “Zoo Story.”

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Rhapsody Theater brings more magic to Chicago

Like myself, I am sure that many of you are fascinated by magic and magicians. Making objects and/or people disappear out of thin air, surviving death-defying circumstances, holding your breath underwater for long periods of time and impressive card tricks may all be illusions. But we all have the same reaction — how did they do that?

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‘The Last Movie Stars’ pays tribute to Newman, Woodward

With not a lot happening this past weekend — other than the Chicago Air & Water Show which we had seen plenty of times from our balcony — my wife and I decided to stay in Michigan. We decided to watch a recently released HBO series that I can heartily recommend.

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‘Campaign, Inc.’ brings fake news to a whole new level

Long before Donald Trump charged vote fraud in the last presidential election or claimed that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, there has been a history of dirty political tricks in this country on both sides of the spectrum.

Sports Marketing Playbook

Masters Rose-8-16-22,ph01

Golf world tees up for battle in court between PGA Tour, Saudi-backed series

A recently launched golf series backed by Saudi Arabia has the men’s professional golf world in an uproar.
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