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Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a Republican who is running for governor, pushed back against newly filed legislation Wednesday which would allow illegal abortions to be prosecuted as homicides, warning that it would wrongly subject Kentucky women to charges for terminating pregnancies. – AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley, File

Bill raising abortion to homicide draws Republican pushback

Newly filed legislation allowing illegal abortions to be prosecuted as homicides drew a quick pushback Wednesday from the state’s anti-abortion attorney general, who warned it would wrongly subject Kentucky women to charges for terminating pregnancies.

College scam mastermind Rick Singer gets 3.5 years in prison

The mastermind of the nationwide college admissions bribery scheme that ensnared celebrities, prominent businesspeople and other parents who used their wealth and privilege to buy their kids’ way into top-tier schools was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison Wednesday.

Concerns over prayer breakfast lead Congress to take it over

The National Prayer Breakfast, one of the most visible and long-standing events that brings religion and politics together in Washington, is splitting from the private religious group that had overseen it for decades, due to concerns the gathering had become too divisive.

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Ownership and risk considered in dog-bite case

Reversing summary judgment for the defendant in a dog-bite case under the Animal Control Act, the Illinois Appellate Court considered both of the approaches courts have taken when “analyzing whether a plaintiff has a relationship with either the animal’s legal owner or the animal itself so as to objectively exclude the plaintiff from the act’s protections.”

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