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5th District Appellate Justices Judy L. Cates (left) and David K. Overstreet (right) explained their backgrounds and beliefs during a virtual candidates’ forum hosted by the Illinois State Bar Association and Appellate Lawyers Association on Wednesday. Cates, a Democrat, and Overstreet, a Republican, are vying for the Illinois Supreme Court vacancy created by Justice Lloyd Karmeier’s upcoming retirement. – Zoom screenshots

5th District justices make case for high court

Two southern Illinois appellate justices this week made their case to become the 5th Judicial District’s next Supreme Court justice.

Roberts: Ginsburg was 'tough, brave, a fighter, a winner'

WASHINGTON — Chief Justice John Roberts says the words that best describe the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg are “tough, brave, a fighter, a winner” but also "thoughtful, careful, compassionate, honest.”

‘She changed the world for American women’

NEW YORK — Sure, there were the RBG bobbleheads, the Halloween getups, the lace collars, the workout videos. The “I dissent” T-shirts, the refrigerator magnets, the onesies for babies or costumes for cats. And yes, the face masks, with slogans like: “You can’t spell TRUTH without RUTH.”

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Creditor defeats spendthrift clause

Fred Iozzo tried to protect his son and grandchildren from creditors by inserting a spendthrift clause in the Marc. F. Iozzo Discretionary Trust. And the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure added another layer of insulation for the real estate held by the trust. Section 2-1403 of the code prohibits “the satisfaction of a judgment out of any property held in trust for the judgment debtor if such trust has, in good faith, been created by... a person other than the judgment debtor.” But when Gregory Baird scored an $8.1 million judgment against Marc, a DuPage County judge ruled that the merger doctrine permitted Baird to grab the trust’s assets. And the judge ruled that Marc’s children had no right to intervene.

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