Jessica Boike
Beermann LLP
Family law

Jessica Boike has a core belief: It is crucial to listen to clients.

It might seem obvious, but it’s too rare a practice in the profession. Many attorneys impose upon their clients the goals they think these clients should pursue instead of listening, letting the clients set their own goals and needs.

This empathy for her clients combined with a deep understanding of family law has made Boike one of the busiest — and best respected — family law attorneys in Chicago.

One of her nominators worked as a guardian ad litem and child's representative on case with Boike, finding herself impressed by the way Boike handled the tough situation.

“As a result of her skills, Jessica enabled her client, the father, to nearly double his parenting time with his young daughter and was given final decision-making authority over his daughter's educational needs,” the nominator wrote. “It was an exceptional result, given the gut-wrenching allegations involved in this very complicated case.”

This is far from the only time Boike steered a difficult case to a successful resolution. Boike’s peers say this attorney is never outworked in the courtroom, and that few family law attorneys can boast of the kind of respect Boike earns from clients and fellow attorneys.

“Jessica has a unique ability to vigorously litigate and represent her client's best interests, while also working well with her opposing counsels,” a separate nominator wrote. “I literally know of no attorney that could speak unfavorably about her. She is very reasonable to negotiate with and does not ‘play games.’”

One mediator recently worked with Boike on a mediation wrote, “Jessica is very tenacious and is willing to go the extra ‘mile’ for her clients. She possesses the ability to help the client better understand all the options and provide a cost benefit analysis as to value of pursuing each option. She has a calming demeanor which is very important for high conflict divorcing clients. This allows the client to make better decisions for their respective family outside of her busy practice.”

“Jessica is always well-prepared and knows the strengths and weaknesses of her clients' cases. Jessica communicates extremely well with her clients and is extremely responsive to their needs,” said Howard Teplinsky of Chicago-based Levin Ginsburg.

Boike is very involved in the community. She currently is on the Board of Directors of Our Children’s Homestead, a Foster Care Agency in DuPage County She is a member of the Illinois State, and Chicago bar associations.