Margaret Manetti
Codilis & Associates P.C.
Consumer finance

Margaret Manetti has mastered that tough balancing act of managing a thriving legal career and giving back to her profession and community.

Manetti, with Codilis & Associates P.C., has earned respect from her peers as one of the top consumer finance lawyers in the state. At the same time, she’s donated countless hours to better the profession and the community.

At Codilis, she has quickly moved up the ranks of the firm’s Illinois practice, and is responsible for the majority of the firm’s appellate and federal practice. Manetti has overseen the trial-level work for a majority of the firm's attorneys and workload, including the day-to-day instruction and coaching, and in-house seminars on fundamental and critical practice skills. Beyond this, she handled a wide variety of work and obtained favorable outcomes for clients in depositions, evidentiary hearings, summary judgments and mandatory arbitrations.

Her successes include the seminal case US Bank v. Avdic, which refines pleading standards in foreclosure Iaw and modem evidentiary standards for business in Illinois.

“Margaret's lawyering skills are exceptional, and I know, given her love for the law, she will continue to stretch herself and achieve more,” said Adam Codilis of Codilis & Associates.

In addition to her thriving practice, Manetti is involved in helping the profession. And Manetti doesn’t just join legal and community organizations. She actively participates in them, in many cases taking on demanding leadership roles.

Manetti is a Director of the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois, co-chairs several its committees, and actively participates in judicial investigations and the mentoring of new attorneys. She is an active member of the Illinois State Bar Association, serving as a member of the Women and Law section, where she further advocates for progress, advancement and protection of women's rights and encouraging women to get involved in the legal community. And she is also a member of the ISBA's Commercial Banking, Collections, and Bankruptcy Section Council. In addition, Manetti is a member of The Chicago Bar Association, serving as a member of the commercial litigation and Alliance for Women committees, and a member of the Appellate Lawyers Association of Illinois. Manetti is also a member the Professional Women’s Club of Chicago and The Women’s Forum.

If that is not enough , Manetti serves the greater community through her commitment and contribution to Illinois Legal Aid Online, Women Everywhere, and Cara Chicago. She also serves as an officer on the school board for St. Raphael's Catholic School in Naperville.

One nominator Manetti best: “Margaret exemplifies the woman who has it all — she works hard and is scrupulous about what really matters.”