Anand C. Mathew
Palmersheim & Mathew LLP
Commercial litigation

It didn't take Anand Mathew long to earn the trust of both his fellow attorneys and his clients. Why? Mathew demonstrated early in his career that he was willing to work hard and passionately for his clients. He also showed that he was a student of the law and a skilled advocate in the courtroom.

It's little wonder, then, that today Mathew is known as one of the top young commercial litigators in the Chicago area.

An associate judge with the Circuit Court of Cook County, describes Mathew as smart, hard-working and creative.

"He is a self-starter and the consummate team player," the Judge said. "He performs his work without drama or fanfare, and he willingly shares credit with others. He engenders loyalty, from bottom to top, from others. And most importantly, he consistently achieves excellent results for his clients."

Mathew has that all-too-rare ability to see the complete picture early in a case. He then knows how to break a case down into its separate parts, allowing him to provide the best representation for his clients.

Ian Fisher, with Chicago law firm Hahn, Loeser & Parks LLP, said that Mathew projects a sense of calm in the courtroom. And with that calm comes an impressive effectiveness, Fisher said.

"Anand has impressed me with his manner and his abilities," Fisher said. "Even during the most trying litigation matters, Anand maintained a calm and confident demeanor. He was also surprisingly efficient in his work, both in terms of the speed with which he completed assignments as well as how quickly he could grasp and dissect a complicated issue."

Fisher said that these abilities have allowed Mathew to earn trial experience that is rare for such a young attorney. Mathew has also notched an impressive amount of appellate experience.

Fisher first met Mathew when they worked together at their former firm, Schopf & Weiss LLP. "I would never hesitate to put Anand in front of my clients," Fisher said. "I have complete confidence that his involvement could only help to secure our firm's representation with a client."

During his still young career, Mathew has represented clients in appeals ranging from the U.S. Supreme Court to federal and state appellate courts across the country. Mathew's writing and advocacy skills are so strong, he has yet to lose an appeal.

Mathew has also been involved in four jury trials, illustrating the confidence clients and attorneys have in his skills.

Peter Baugher, with Chicago's Baugher Dispute Resolution, says that Mathew has shown a confidence and talent level beyond that of most younger attorneys.

"Anand showed an ability to work efficiently under pressure," Baugher said. "Even as a young lawyer, Anand was not afraid to think independently and back up his position. He has consistently inspired confidence in attorneys and clients that work with him. Anand has litigation skills beyond many of his peers."

In July 2018, Mathew left the litigation group of Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP and formed Palmersheim & Mathew LLP, a litigation firm handling complex business disputes for clients. His new firm, which represents business clients in a range of practice areas nationwide, is already gaining a reputation for being a high-powered litigation boutique that delivers outstanding results with a focus on creativity, flexibility, and service.