Jacob Z. Goldstein
Hall Prangle

Jacob Goldstein has been busy. In his decade of practice, he’s already handled over 100 appeals … and he’s developed a legion of impressed clients and colleagues at Chicago’s Hall Prangle and Schoonveld along the way.

Among them is Susan Blake, Senior Claims Analyst with Allied World Assurance, Co., who explained, “To be an exceptional appellate attorney, one must have an eye for detail, and extraordinary patience. Spotting appellate issues takes creativity, and arguing them successfully takes finesse.”

This same creativity has pointed HPS’s clients to Jake for his analysis of complex and novel legal issues. Even outside of Chicago, Jake’s appellate work has involved him in matters across the country and in various federal courts, including appeals concerning constitutional challenges to various states’ statutes.

Blake went on to say that over her two decades of medical malpractice litigation experience, “There have been a handful of attorneys over the years that I know right away ‘have what it takes’. Jake is one of those attorneys. He is intelligent and aggressive. Thorough and insightful. He sees the trees AND the forest. And I trust him.”

When General Counsel around Illinois look for a go-to lawyer to help navigate the minefields of complex civil litigation, post-trial and appellate matters, they call Jake.

Christine Koman, corporate counsel with Edward-Elmhurst Health, noted that Jake has a “proven track record of not shying away from hard cases.“ Koman praised Jake’s skills as a writer and his “talent for condensing complex medical malpractice cases in a synthesized manner, making the reader understand a lengthy trial and its issues. His style of writing is exceptionally clear.”

William Reinking, Claims Supervisor with CHRPP, had this to say about Goldstein; "Jake is the one who will point out the unexpected issue in a case and he helps create the plan to diffuse the potential problem." Reinking continued, “Hall Prangle & Schoonveld is a great law firm, Jake being part of it adds a depth to the firm that many other firms do not have.”


Opposing counsel also see the brilliance in Goldstein’s work. Joe Balesteri a partner at Power Rogers & Smith, P.C., who opposed Goldstein on a case said, “Jake is great writer, great integrity and great mind - three things that will serve Jake's clients when they need an appeal or post-trial argument.”


Judges have noticed Goldstein’s ability as well, including a Judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County who witnessed Goldstein in action on a case involving complex motions in limine and other dispositive motions. The Judge said, “Jake did an excellent job of presenting that blend of law and facts which are necessary to succeed as an advocate.”

Outside the courtroom, Goldstein doesn’t hesitate to give back to his community. He serves as an adjunct professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, where he has taught appellate legal writing and advocacy for the last four years. He has also served as the chairman of the Illinois Appellate Lawyers Association’s Sponsorship Committee.