Andrew J Thut
Levin & Perconti
Personal injury

It has not taken Andrew “AJ” Thut long to build a reputation as one of the most successful personal injury attorneys working in Chicago. Thut has earned this, and has built a roster of satisfied clients, by the age of 30.

Thut’s success hasn’t surprised one nominator who is a judge with the Circuit Court of Cook County. He’s seen plenty of personal injury specialists during his time on the bench. But few have impressed him with their legal intellect, dedication to their clients and work ethic as has Thut.

“A.J’s track record in and out of the courtroom is impressive of an attorney of his age,” the Judge said said. “I have had the opportunity to witness firsthand his ability to handle complex and obscure personal injury matters with a thorough and analytical approach rarely seen of young attorneys.”

The Judge pointed to a case in which Thut represented a janitor who had sustained respiratory injures because of mold exposure at an apartment complex where he worked. Thut tirelessly advocated for his client in a challenging liability case against a seasoned and well-respected defense attorney many years his senior,” the judge continued , “His advocacy allowed him to settle a very difficult case to provide his client justice and closure during a difficult time,”.

Opposing Counsel have also noticed Thut’s abilities. Constance O’Neil of Cassiday Schade LLP opposed Thut in a month long medical negligence trial had this to say about Thut, “I was impressed by his trial technique and court room manner, especially in someone who is still a relatively young attorney.”

Richard Foster of Donohue Brown Mattheson & Smyth is currently opposing Thut in nursing home negligence case had this to say about Thut, “In our case, he has always been exceptionally well prepared, taking depositions that get to the point, and do so effectively. That said, it has been a delight to get to know AJ from a personal standpoint: he brings humor and perspective to what he does, which keeps the process not only civil, but enjoyable. If all of my opponents could achieve the same balance …. while substantively remaining much less formidable than AJ!”

Successful settlements and verdicts have not been rare for Thut. He and his partner, for instance, achieved a jury verdict of $800,000 in a challenging case involving nursing home pressure wounds and diagnoses failures.

In this case, Thut and his partner went up against three of the best defense attorneys in Chicago. They still managed to achieve a positive verdict despite there being no settlement offer.

“I personally have witnessed A.J. in courtrooms in Lake and Cook counties, and am struck at how mature he is and how well-spoken he presents his arguments to the court at such a young age,” said Scott Gibson with the Waukegan office of Gibson Lewis. “He is an exceptional young lawyer.”

Thut also finds time to serve his community. He volunteers and speaks at Chicago Public School classrooms through the Constitutional Rights Foundation. He has also helped develop programs for underprivileged intercity children.

Shannon McNulty, with Chicago’s Clifford Law Offices, says that Thut has developed an impressive rapport with his clients. This includes the work he does representing elderly residents of nursing homes.

“In nursing home cases, where clients are typically elderly and physically frail, efficient and effective representation is crucial to justly resolving a client’s claim,” McNulty said. “Often, the clients require additional care for which resources are needed. A.J. knows what his clients need and how to get them a just and efficient result.” There is never a doubt he knows his case.