Aura Lichtenberg
Berger Schatz
Family law

Attentive to detail. Whip smart. Fiercely committed to her clients. Prepared. Knowledgeable. 

These are just some of the accolades fellow attorneys give Aura Lichtenberg, a family law attorney at the Chicago law firm of Berger Schatz. 

Cook County Circuit Judge Raúl Vega, presiding judge of the Domestic Violence Division, said that Lichtenberg has the unique skill of being able to settle even the most complicated of family law cases, saving her clients time, money and further stress, all while obtaining a positive outcome. 

"She does this by her thorough preparation of cases," Vega said. "She is logical and reasonable and does not fuel the fire in high-conflict matters. She defuses the high emotion that family law cases usually bring to the court."

This doesn't mean, though, that Lichtenberg ever hesitates to argue a contested motion or to try a case. She does, and she's built a strong track record of success for her clients in this regard. 

"Aura can be a formidable opponent when the need arises," Vega said. "It is always a pure joy and pleasure to see her appear in cases, especially in complex matters. Aura is extremely intelligent, organized and detail oriented. These are the skills that a good lawyer needs to be successful for her clients. I think Aura has a great future ahead of her."

David Goldman, an attorney with Davis Friedman, has opposed Lichtenberg on a monthly basis for nearly four years. He, too, says that few attorneys possess the combination of knowledge, dedication and passion that Lichtenberg brings to the courtroom. 

"She is the kind of lawyer you always want to have on the opposite side of a case," Goldman said. "Knowledgeable, fair, an effective advocate for her clients and practical in finding solutions to the myriad of problems that arise in family law cases."

Lichtenberg has a way of easing the emotions of her clients and expertly preparing them for trial. Goldman points to the time he observed Lichtenberg counseling a highly emotional and distraught client: Lichtenberg was compassionate, calming her client before she entered the courtroom to address the task at hand. 

In the courtroom, Lichtenberg remained clear, concise and completely professional. 

"Not every lawyer has the maturity and skill to separate the client's emotionality from the obligation to effectively represent the client in a rational, professional manner," Goldman said. 

Lichtenberg's colleagues praise her for her ability to draw useful information out of her clients and opposing parties. Lichtenberg, they say, has mastered the art of uncovering the facts that present her clients in the best possible light. 

"A good lawyer possesses an inquisitive nature," said David Stein with Stein & Stein. "Curiosity drives a person to probe and ask revealing questions. (Lichtenberg) has exemplified this trait. This candidate also exemplifies the ability for concise writing that removes ambiguity and frames a concise written argument."

Despite a busy and growing career, Lichtenberg finds time to give back to her community. She is involved in Cook County’s Court Facilitator Program where she works with unrepresented litigants. She is also involved with the ABA Litigation Section and has served as a presenter and speaker with the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education on issues of family law.