Ross Secler
Odelson Sterk Murphey Frazier & McGrath Ltd.
Election law, municipal and local government law

Ross Secler didn't waste time after earning his law degree. Shortly after graduating, he founded his own firm that specialized in election law. There, Secler represented local, municipal, judicial, congressional, senatorial and presidential candidates. 

His work earned him plenty of attention. He soon joined the well-known firm of Odelson Sterk Murphey Frazier & McGrath, where he continues to work in election and political law. He also serves as general counsel to several local governments. 

Most impressive of all? Secler is only 32. To have built a thriving career in the municipal and election law fields at such an age is quite the accomplishment. 

Secler's success is impressive, but it's not unexpected. His peers say Secler has a sharp legal mind, works tirelessly and is never outworked. 

"Throughout his academic and professional career, Secler has demonstrated leadership and initiative," said Susan Polachek. "Ross works diligently to successfully meet all deadlines and goals. His calm demeanor benefits his clients in and out of the courtroom." This sentiment was shared by numerous colleagues and members of the judiciary. 

John Fogarty Jr., with Clark Hill PLC, first met Secler in the 2014 election cycle, when Secler was representing opposing candidates. During the last several years, Fogarty has litigated election cases both against and alongside Secler. 

While Secler is a younger attorney, he boasts the skills of a far more seasoned veteran, Fogarty said. 

In his most recent case opposing Secler and his firm, Fogarty argued directly against Secler and briefed against him. Fogarty came away impressed with what he saw from this young attorney. 

"As I have become accustomed to seeing, Ross made creative and sound arguments that left me genuinely doubting my own position," Fogarty said. "For someone who has practiced as few years as he has, Ross' abilities are impressive."

Secler has the legal mind and skills to thrive in election and municipal law. But Secler also boasts other traits necessary to build a thriving career in this field: compassion, patience, empathy and a willingness to spend long hours to make sure his clients get the best possible results. 

"I am not the only senior attorney who has noticed Ross' skills and have seen him grow into a leader in the field in just a short time," Fogarty said. "What is just as impressive is how Ross treats everyone with whom he comes into contact. He is gracious, thoughtful and funny. I truly admire his poise at such a young age.". 

Alan Hoffenberg with Hoffenberg & Block has seen Secler's legal talents evolve over time. Secler started as a law clerk in Hoffenberg's firm during his third year of law school. It didn't take Hoffenberg long to recognize that Secler has exceptional skills and poise for his age and experience. 

"As with his work as a law clerk, he excelled when given complex assignments," Hoffenberg said. "His writing skills were unparalleled. And on those occasions when he argued matters in court, he was well-prepared and quite comfortable. When I would accompany him to observe his court appearances, judges would often praise his presentations and demeanor.”