Melissa A. Grund
Grund & Leavitt
Family law

Both Judges and opposing counsel universally view Melissa Grund, 35, as an exceptional litigator and a fierce advocate for her clients.

Grund,  of Grund & Leavitt, P.C., practices exclusively in the area of Family and Matrimonial Law with special emphasis in litigation and appellate practice.  .

Grund graduated with a JD/MBA from the Northwestern University School of Law and the Kellogg School of Management in 2006.

Attorney Howard A. London, of Beermann, Pritikin, Mirabelli, Swerdlove LLP, is head of the family law department at his firm and has been practicing law for over 35 years. London has opposed Grund in the courtroom and calls her “a stand-out attorney”.

London said of one particularly complex and contentious case:

“We were able to settle the case and avoid a lengthy trial largely because of Melissa’s ability to zealously and skillfully represent her client without being confrontational,” London said. “This was the type of case that could easily have gotten out of hand, and often does, but Melissa was able to take charge and work with me to ensure that didn’t happen.”

London noted:  “Such  exemplary poise and skillful representation qualifies Melissa to be counted among the elite”. To be sure, she is a “credit to her profession”.

A judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County said he has known Grund professionally her entire legal career..  The judge said he has seen numerous young lawyers from his years on the bench, but he considers Grund to be a “shining light who will develop into one of the superstars of the Domestic Relations Division.” She is an  “outstanding attorney” who is smart, articulate, civil and knowledgeable.

 In one financially sophisticated and complicated case, “she utilized flow charts and other exhibits to trace alleged non marital moneys to investments that had either been comingled, questionable as to their characterization or clearly kept separate,” the judge said. The Judge never thought this particular case would settle. However, Grund’s exhibits and the simple, yet skillful way she presented the evidence to the Court, in the Judge’s opinion, provided him with a clear understanding of the rather complicated issues in case and, most importantly, helped to ultimately settle the case,--an impressive feat which saved the litigants hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Judge also noted that Grund’s opposing cousel was far more senior than she, having over thirty years of experience in the profession. He emphasized:  “she continues to demonstrate abilities that belie her years in the practice”.

An Illinois Appellate Court of Illinois Judge said that throughout her career, Grund has continued to grow as a skilled attorney:

“I believe this young woman exemplifies the skill and civic involvement that all young attorneys should strive to emulate,” the judge said.

A seasoned attorney practicing in the family law and domestic relations for over forty years also spoke highly of Grund’s accomplishments as a young attorney.

The attorney met Grund in 2006 as opposing counsel in a complex, high-stakes, custody matter, where he represented the minor children and Grund represented the wife.

“Melissa worked extremely hard with me in an effort to calm the storm of this incredibly high-conflict and litigious divorce in which the children were being used, unfortunately, as pawns in the litigation,” the attorney said. “In the end, Melissa skillfully negotiated a

resolution that was exceptionally favorable to her client and that was,

most importantly, in the best interests of my clients, the minor children.

Melissa accomplished this, in part,  because  she is a natural

collaborator; and, she worked with me to resolve all of the intense

disputes in a manner that was compassionate, yet very strong”.

The attorney said Grund has impressive negotiation and litigation skills: “she is, simply put, a rising star.”

Grund is involved with the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Jewish United Fund and she is the  Co-Chair of the Next Generation Board of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.