Marc R. Fisher
Katz Goldstein & Warren
Family law

Here is what the attorneys practicing in Lake County, Illinois, already know: Marc Fisher is one of the top family lawyers working in the county. And he might be the top children’s representative there, too.

Fisher, a family law specialist with Bannockburn, Illinois-based Katz, Goldstein & Warren, has a reputation for diffusing highly contentious family law cases while earning strong settlements for his clients.

“Clients in divorce cases are frequently emotional, and often have a difficult time making reasoned decisions,” said Jason Adess, partner with Chicago’s Berger Schatz.“I have repeatedly observed Marc stay above the fray, and use good judgment and problem-solving ability to resolve issues, serve the best interests of his clients and their children, and avoid litigation.”

Valerie Steiner, with Lake Forest, Illinois-based law firm Clark & Steiner,Ltd., says that Fisher might also rank as the best children’s representative in not only Lake County but the entire state. Steiner points to one case in which Fisher served as the children’s representative. Both he and the therapist agreed that a custody evaluation would be detrimental to the children’s ability to adapt to living in two households.

It took several months and many discussions with both parties, the attorneys involved in the case and the therapist, but eventually Fisher was able to get everyone to agree to a settlement in concept that included a parenting coordinator.

“As a result of Marc’s spectacular lawyering, the children will likely heal more quickly,” Steiner said.

Todd Glassman, with the Chicago law firm of Ladden & Allen, agreed that few attorneys do a better job of representing children. Fisher is now acting as a child representative in two of Glassman’s cases. “Marc is one of the best attorneys for children I have seen,” Glassman said.“Not only is he smart and easy to work with, but he really gets it. He sees the big picture.”

Fisher also regularly earns good results for his clients. Michael Strauss, with the Libertyville, Illinois-based law firm Schlesinger & Strauss, points to one case in which his client in the middle of litigation suffered a difficult economic challenge. Fisher was able to quickly earn a court order for his client that allowed her to move out of state with her children before being evicted from her home.

“He went up against a partner at a large law firm, one who brought multiple associates, for that hearing,” Strauss said. “Marc not only won for his client at that hearing, but he also successfully fended off a motion to reconsider by his opponent. Eventually, the ruling was upheld on appeal.”

It’s not surprising to Fisher’s peers that he is appointed by Lake County judges to represent children so often. Fisher not only possesses an in-depth knowledge of family law, he also brings a calming demeanor and respectful approach to courtroom proceedings. Because of this, both judges and opposing attorneys respect him.

“I genuinely enjoy working with Marc,” said Steiner. “It is obvious that Marc has a deep understanding of the law, is highly intelligent, professional, has integrity and is compassionate. I look forward to a long career in Lake County working with and against Marc.”