Timothy Jasper
Davis | Friedman
Family law

Timothy Jasper possesses that quality unique to the most successful family law specialists: He is able to either amicably resolve disputed matters or expertly litigate them.

This talent is why Jasper has already built one of the most successful family law practices in the city before even reaching the age of 40.

Mitchell Gordon, with Chicago’s Bradford & Gordon, says that few attorneys inspire more confidence in their clients than does Jasper. Gordon should know; he was on the opposite side of a post-decree litigation that involved complex financial issues, discovery into a family-run business, support modification and parenting issues.

Throughout the case, Jasper proved to be a formidable opponent and a tenacious defender of his client.

“Tim’s skill exceeded that of many attorneys practicing 10-times longer than him,” Gordon said. “His diplomacy and professionalism was impressive. He was, and continues to be, extremely well-prepared and level-headed in the courthouse.”

David Ainley, with Chicago’s Katz & Stefani, said that Jasper has another talent that has helped him succeed: He simply works harder than the majority of other attorneys.

Ainley saw this firsthand in a particularly stressful case. Ainley represented a lawyer and Jasper a doctor who owned his own practice. Jasper worked hard to completely understand the doctor’s business and the financials of it. Jasper was able to clearly explain why certain expenses were legitimate deductions and was able to trace marital vs. non-marital assets impressively.

“Tim has always worked as hard or harder than most other attorneys that I know,” Ainley said. “Tim is also well-versed in complex business and tax issues that come up in family law matters. Whether the client is an executive, a laborer or a stay-at-home mom, Tim is attentive to their needs and understands how to make them feel comfortable in a difficult time.”

Jasper also finds time to use his legal knowledge to help others. In one particularly complex pro bono case, Jasper represented a woman from India who came to the United States in an arranged marriage. The woman when she arrived did not have a driver’s license, bank account, credit card or any other access to money. She was also the victim of domestic assault.

To make a bad situation even worse, one of her minor children suffered from pediatric cancer. Jasper in handling the woman’s divorce case, was able to win his client joint custody of the children with her serving as the primary caretaker. He also won the woman maintenance and child support.

In addition, Jasper helped the woman get her own apartment, a driver’s license and a disproportionate award of the estate.

“Tim gets to the heart of an issue without wasting time and money,” said Chicago attorney Eric Check. “Tim is able to put the emotional component of domestic relations cases in proper context for his clients, thus placing them in the best possible position to make informed decisions. Simply, Tim gets his clients to understand that they need to use their heads more than their hearts when making decisions impacting family law matters.”