Sapna G. Lalmalani
Hall Prangle & Schoonveld LLC
Medical malpractice defense

How has Sapna Lalmalani managed to build such a strong career in medical malpractice law at such a young age? Her fellow attorneys say that Lalmalani boasts the strategic vision possessed by seasoned trial attorneys with far more years of experience. They say, too, that she sees the big picture in her cases, a trait that has helped her deliver the best results to her clients.

Jennifer Benton, chief risk executive with Northwestern Memorial Healthcare, has worked closely with Lalmalani since 2010. She’s seen up close just how skilled this young attorney is in and out of the courtroom.

“Even as a young attorney, she was able to handle difficult questions and provide thoughtful and thorough analysis on her cases,” Benton said. “She has never been afraid to tell her clients what they need to hear on a case. Although that may not seem unique, it is exceedingly rare for an associate to offer strong opinions without the input of the partner.”

Benton has seen Lalmalani at trial on several occasions and remembers being immediately impressed. She points to one case in which Lalmalani’s legal skills helped lead to a hung jury. That case was never retried. Another also resulted in a hung jury, was retried and resulted in a defense verdict.

“I recall being very impressed with her poise and skill in front of a jury,” Benton said.

Gina Knox, general counsel for Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers in Evergreen Park, has also worked closely with Lalmalani. She pointed to this attorney’s work ethic, the quality of her research and her ability to communicate the law as all being stellar.

Lalmalani is always well-prepared for oral argument, and obtains, preps and deposes key witnesses and experts for the most difficult cases, Knox said. Knox has been especially impressed with Lalmalani’s handling of difficult birth trauma cases on behalf of Little Company of Mary and its employed physicians. “She is an excellent litigator,” Knox said.

Lalmalani handles pre-suit investigations and takes the cases through all aspects of the litigation. This includes pleadings, discovery, preparing and arguing substantive motions, deposing and presenting key witnesses, presenting experts, participating in settlement negotiations and trying cases.

Even though she’s built a thriving career, Lalmalani finds time to give back to her community and her profession. For example, while she was an associate at Jenner & Block, Lalmalani worked on Guantanamo Bay cases. Lalmalani worked with Patricia Bronte, who at the time was a partner at Jenner & Block. Bronte said, “The Guantanamo cases we worked on involved an unsettled area of the law, and I knew I could always count on Sapna for creative strategies. This led me to request her assistance on my most complex billable assignments. Of all the fine associates I worked with at Jenner & Block – and there were many – Sapna was far and away the best.” If that is not enough, Lalmalani serves on the Pay it Forward Committee at her law firm and sits on the associate board for the National Indo-American Museum. She has also participated in Spin to Break the Cycle since 2016, an annual event to raise money for World Sport Chicago. That organization provides sports programs for Chicago’s at-risk youth.

“Sapna has a level of maturity and pragmatism that is rare for someone her age,” said Jong Won Hyun, director of claims, risk management for Advocate Aurora Health in Downers Grove. “The most stressful situations do not faze her in the least. She is also incredibly bright and tenacious, which lends her to be trusted on the most significant, complicated matters.”