Brad Schulman
Motherway & Napleton, LLP
Personal injury

Brad Schulman has never shied away from taking on a heavy workload. And what’s even more impressive? Schulman provides the best possible legal representation, winning verdicts and earning favorable settlements, for his clients even as he tries what one nominator calls cases “in bunches.”

Kevin Vedrine, with Warrenville-based Cunningham, Meyer & Vedrine, said that Schulman is “an exceptional litigator. He has an excellent grasp of what is needed in medical malpractice litigation and how to try these cases.”

Vedrine describes trying a medical malpractice case against Schulman. The case started on a Monday after Schulman had finished a trial the previous Friday. Vedrine’s case finished on a Thursday, and the following Monday Schulman was starting trial again.

Calling Schulman a hard-working attorney, then, is something of an understatement. But hard work is just part of what sets Schulman apart. He is also a skilled litigator and a fierce advocate for his clients. Schulman has earned a reputation as one of the top medical malpractice specialists in the city.

“On the plaintiffs’ end of the business, having someone who can get ready for a trial, know what they need to prove and be ready to try the case is the definition of a formidable opponent,” Vedrine said. “He also has an exquisite understanding of what needs to be proved and how to get that testimony in before a jury.”

Marilee Clausing with Hall Prangle and Schoonveld echoed Vedrine’s praise, saying that Schulman’s ability to leap quickly into a case differentiates him from many of his fellow medical malpractice lawyers. Clausing once worked together at a Chicago law firm with Schulman. During this time, she learned just how talented this young lawyer was in the courtroom.

“He sought out, and enthusiastically embraced, any opportunity to try a case, even stepping in at the last minute when needed,” Clausing said. “It was my pleasure to try a case with Brad. He demonstrated an easy presence before the jury and a passion for trial work.”

Schulman is also known for his civility in the courtroom. He is that rare attorney who can zealously defend his clients without alienating opposing counsel. This approach often pays off for Schulman’s clients.

“He is honest, forthright and generous,” said Mark Smith with Chicago law firm Smith, Blake, Hill. “His conduct in and out of the courtroom make him a worthy adversary and, more importantly, a gentleman of our profession.”

Smith said that Schulman never panics, even when the evidence looks to be stacked against his clients. Instead, he works steadfastly to protect the interests of his clients.

“He maintains his composure and presses onward,” Smith said. “He does so in such a way as to preserve the integrity of the process.”