Courtney Lindbert
Cunningham Meyer & Vedrine
Medical malpractice defense

A true measure of an attorney's success? Winning cases that could easily go in the loss column. And by that measuring stick, Courtney Lindbert, a medical malpractice defense specialist, is a star in the Chicago legal scene. 

Lindbert's peers say that she is fiercely devoted to her clients. At the same time, she possesses a deep knowledge of the intricacies of her field. Combine that with her stellar performances in the courtroom, and it's no wonder that Lindbert remains a sought-after defense attorney. 

"Courtney is a rock star in every way," said Natalie Federle, general counsel with Sermo. "She is creative, zealous, loyal, fierce and dogged in her approaches. Unlike many litigators, Courtney is logical and realistic while maintaining a steadfast focus on her clients' needs."

A look at Lindbert's legal career shows why so many in the profession hold her in such high esteem. 

In one case in which Lindbert served as defense counsel, she earned a not-guilty verdict for two defendants in a case involving emergency eye surgery and claims that this surgery was necessary because of negligence on the part of medical professionals. The defense argued that cause for the surgery was an acute event caused by the plaintiff's smoking. The jury sided with the defense, reportedly deliberating for just 46 minutes.

In what her peers call a stunning victory, Lindbert earned a rare mid-trial win for her defendant. The plaintiff dismissed all claims against her client mid-trial before cross-examination of the plaintiff. Lindbert identified key information showing that the plaintiff’s claims against her defendant were untrue. 

"Courtney is meticulous with everything she does," said Katie Twardak, an attorney with Tomasik Kotin Kasserman. "Courtney is unwavering in her commitment to seeking justice for her clients and is always willing to put in the work. Courtney's character and integrity truly set her apart from others. The actions she takes as an attorney are done because they are the right thing to do. She doesn't go for a cheap victory. Even as an opponent, I know I can trust her with sensitive information. She treats every person she meets with the utmost respect."

"Whether you work on a case with or against Courtney you can tell she takes the utmost pride and in her work and is extremely dedicated to her clients," said Sarah King, an attorney with Clifford Law. "She fiercely defends her clients’ interests in an effective and professional manner. Having been across the table from Courtney on multiple occasions, I can attest to how exceptionally well prepared and knowledgeable she is regarding the complex medical subjects at issue in her cases."

Outside of the courtroom, Lindbert is a dedicated mentor. She currently heads up Cunningham Meyer & Vedrine’s clerkship program, and previously served on the board of the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois. She is also a founding member of the Illinois Force of Lawyers Against Sexual Harassment.