Jason B. Hirsh
Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC
Commercial litigation

Levenfeld Pearlstein partner Jason Hirsh will answer an urgent client call on a Friday night, spend all weekend prepping, and then board the redeye from O’Hare to Michigan, Arkansas or wherever else his client needs him to be in court Monday morning.

While Hirsh views this as “part of the job,” his clients see a dedicated attorney who is driven to achieve results.

Hirsh works diligently with clients from the get-go to collaboratively set goals and objectives in order to implement a tactical litigation strategy. And he’s never shy about telling clients what they need to hear, as opposed to what they want to hear.

Hirsh also handles the difficult conversations with a disarming poise that belies his youth, even when it entails educating the court with respect to complicated legal matters such as the genesis and applicability of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) rules.

The effusive praise of his nominators speaks volumes, and a common theme resonates through these remarks: Hirsh doesn’t focus solely on results; he takes into account the overall client experience, knowing that this is the key measure of a successful engagement.

Clients don’t just enjoy working with Hirsh because he’s proven to be a winning litigator, they do so because he also listens, speaks candidly, and always drives hard toward a swift and positive outcome.

“Jason was never the type of colleague who would simply follow instructions if he believed that the instructions were in error or missing an issue,” said David Wayne, a senior partner with Arnstein & Lehr, where Hirsh previously practiced. “Jason would point out other potential avenues to explore, and would not simply defer to a more senior attorney because they were more senior.”

Similarly, Hirsh earns respect for his approach to opposition counsel, which is both fair and unflinching.

“From my perspective, it takes an exceptional attorney to resolve a dispute in his client’s favor while convincing the other side that they received the best deal possible,” said Steven Rayman with Michigan law firm Rayman & Knight.

Another opponent,Thomas Dillon, with Chicago’s McFadden & Dillon, said “Jason exhibited a creative tenacity … his work exhibited all that was good about our profession in that he vigorously and skillfully represented his client’s interests while maintaining a level of civility and professionalism that transcended the difficult facts and law his client faced.”

And his clients have also taken notice.

Steven Satter, corporate Counsel withWells Fargo Advisors, says Hirsh consistently demonstrates “an unwavering commitment to the needs of his client.” Satter elaborates: “He is appropriately aggressive, unflappable, undeterred, demonstrates a particular eye for detail, carefully crafts legal arguments that would be overlooked by most, and possesses a persuasive skillset beyond his years.”

Call it the ultimate client experience.

Outside the courtroom, Hirsh chairs Levenfeld Pearlstein’s Environmental Task Force, sits on the pro-bono committee, and previously served on the Jewish Counsel for Youth Services board of directors, which provides educational and recreational programs designed to inspire young people to succeed. Hirsh also publishes extensively regarding his practice areas and has quickly built a reputation as a practitioner with a deep understanding of and passion for the legal issues impacting businesses.