Matthew Feery
Much Shelist P.C.
Employment law

A problem-solver. An attorney adept at crafting practical solutions for his clients. Calm under fire. That’s how Matthew Feery’s peers describe this young attorney at Chicago’s Much Shelist. 

Feery has built a busy employment law career by acting as a trusted advisor to companies of all sizes, including startups and other emerging companies. He helps his clients develop strategies to not only comply with their legal obligations, but also position themselves for growth and success consistent with their culture and values. He doesn't just focus on legal advice. Feery also provides his clients with practical business advice that never loses sight of the human element at the heart of employment law. 

Count Bethany McCurdy with Michael Best as one attorney who isn’t surprised at Feery’s success. She has known Feery for more than a decade and watched as his career has grown. She points to Feery’s intellect and commitment to his clients as two reasons for his success. 

“Even as a younger lawyer, Matt was able to grasp complicated legal arguments and distill them down so they could be easily understood by the client,” McCurdy said. “I recall several instances when he demonstrated an ability to analyze cases often in better detail than more senior attorneys.” 

McCurdy remembers one case when Feery, then a very green attorney, helped identify issues and developed a winning defense. The result? A favorable outcome and a happy client.

Companies turn to Feery for all aspects of employment law, from hiring to firing and everything in between. But clients also turn to Feery for help with day-to-day business matters. He works with his clients to develop sound policies and healthy workplaces, and to prevent problems from rising to the level of litigation. 

And when his clients do face litigation? Feery is a devoted and zealous advocate for them, defending employers in both state and federal courts and before administrative agencies. 

Thomas Phillips, senior claim supervisor with Healthcare Services Group, has also witnessed Feery’s legal skills. He says that Feery excels at finding practical solutions to complex problems. 

“Matt has a natural intellectual curiosity that makes him a very effective and trusted advisor,” Phillips said. “Clients can count on him to be up to date with the latest developments in the law and how societal trends may be influencing employment practices.”

Outside of his field, Feery serves as an associate board member of Clearbrook, an organization that works closely with individuals with intellectual and development disabilities and their families.

“Matt is one of the best brief writers with whom I’ve worked,” said Jerilyn Jacobs with the Eu Claire, Wisconsin, office of Crivello Carlson. “He is also the rare attorney who is truly calm under intense fire.”